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9600 Sárvár, Rákóczi út 1. 
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Thermal Hotel Sarvar - Danubius Health Spa Resort Sarvar - thermal pool - hotels in SarvarSpa Sarvar lies in the town's green belt next to a series of boating lakes.

The spring of Sarvar-Rábasömjén rushes up from the depth of 2000 m with a temperature of 83°C. This medicinal water has 4,5% of various salts, the important components of which are sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromine, fluorine and a number of trace elements.
The very advantageous effect of using the salt containing water or the bath crystal made of it as hip-bath is well-known since some decades for chronic gynecological inflammations and painful conditions of the abdomen. In several cases resulted the consistent salt-water cures the long wished pregnancy. Thermal Hotel Sarvar - Danubius Health Spa Resort Sarvar - indoor thermal pool - 4-star hotel

The diluted solution of the salt spring-water of Sárvár, in 2% concentration, also shows healing power, and so does the application of the concentrated water solution of the salt extracted from the salt-water, as aerosol-therapy in case of chronic inflammatory or allergic respiratory diseases, which involve tormenting and thick formation of mucus. The treatment of inhaling takes place two times a day, 10 minutes each, and it is combined in the programme of cure with respiratory gymnastics, drinking cures to loosen the mucus, massages, baths and physiotherapeutic treatments.

Danubius Thermal Hotel Sarvar - thermal bath - wellness hotel, thermal and spa hotel SARVARThe other thermal spring of the spa hotel rushes up from the depth of 1300 m with the temperature of 48°C. After the convective cooling the thermal water is fed into the bath, the swimming pool and the butterfly bath of the therapeutical section. The water in question is also an alkaline water with a content of 0,5% of mineral, and with a biologically mind effectiveness. It contains mainly sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate and trace elements, but none of sulphur or radon. It is almost odourless a crystal clear. The main power of it lies in its application of heat.

Both springs are successfully applied to a great number of patients' complaints. In two third of the cases, after completing the 2-3 week complex and individually composed cure programme, significant improvement can be gained, furthermore, frequently the complaints come to an end.

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