Hotel Karos Spa Zalakaros **** Price information

Room rates are valid for a minimum stay of 2 nights and - in high seasons - a minimum stay of 3 nights is obbligatory. The room rates include: half board, thermal pool, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, adventure pool, jacuzzi, children's pool, bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, ice chamber, fitness room, bathrobe use (for adults), Internet in the room, VAT. There are not allowed pets. Local tax: HUF 000.-/person/night. Parking: HUF 800.-/day. Garage: HUF 1 600.-/day. CHILDREN'S DISCOUNT (sharing the room with parents): Under 4 years: 1 adult/1 child accommodation and board is free of charge, more children get 50% discount. Between 4 - 9,99 years HUF 5 900.-/night, between 10 - 13,99 years HUF 9 900.-/night. Credit cards accepted: EC/MC, Visa, AMEX, Maestro, Visa Electron. Check-in: from 14:00, Check-out: to 10:00, Late check-out: HUF 1000.-/hour/room or HUF 4000.-/room to 16.00 o'clock pm. Bathrobe: only for adults, change of bathrobe HUF 800.-/bathrobe. Playroom use: free of charge. Child-sitting: 4 hours / day free of charge, after it HUF 600.-/hour/child (above 3 years). Baby-sitting: 2 hours / day free of charge, after it HUF 600.-/hour/baby (3 months to 3 years).
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