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8749 Zalakaros, Termál u. 7.
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The spa

The town earned an international renown by its 96 ºC thermal water, found in 1960s. The waters have a high concentration of dissolved minerals, iodine, bromine, fluoride, sulphide and metaboric acid.

Hotel Freya Zalakaros - Thermal hotel - outside poolIndications:

• Locomotive disorders
• Rheumatic disease
• Gynaecological diseases
• After care treatments


• High blood pressure
• Severe cardiological diseases
• Acute inflammation
• Malignant tumour
• Epilepsy

Zalakaros - Hunguest hotel Freya - Freya poolTreatments:

• Medical examination
• Hydrotherapy: underwater jet massage, weight bath, sauna, traction bath, carbon-dioxide bath, whirlpool
• Mechanotherapy: massages (sport, foot), individual and group therapeutic exercises
• Electrotherapy: ultra sound, short-wave, galvanic current, treatments by ultra-violet and infra-red, iontophoresis, diadynamics
• Special medicinal bathing (for dermatological and gynaecological)
• DentistryHotel in Zalakaros - Freya hotel - Freya pool - Wellness weekend in Zalakaros

Fun bath - for the first time in Hungary

The first indoor fun bath is directly accessible from the hotel, was opened in 1999 at this medical centre.

360 m² of water with 11 different watering gadgets provide fun and function. The various water outlets act as massaging devices. Walking against a strong stream of water will prove to be a real exercise. Those suffering from physical handicaps and disabilities will enjoy the pleasant surrounding and perform exercises under the water in a playful manner.

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