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Thermal Hotel**** Sarvar - Akcios Health Spa Resort Hotel Sarvaron



9600 Sárvár, Rákóczi út 1. 
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The activity of the therapy centre is based on the special therapeutic water of Sarvar and the high salt content water of Rábasömjén.
Complex treatments lasting 1, 2 or 3 weeks for rheumatic diseases as well as for respiratory tracts.

- indoor and outdoor thermal baths - fun bath
- carbon-acid bath
- ozone bath
- galvanic bath
- four-cell bath
- underwater massage
- mud-pack
- medical baths with medicinal herbs

- ultrasound (micro massage and heat therapy)
- massage (dry)
- foot reflex zone massage
- Thai massage
- health gymnastics
- vibrax massage
- lymphatic massage
- manual lymphdrainage massage

- galvan therapy
- diadynamic treatment (with or without medicine)
- iontophorésis
- interference-current treatment (with or without vacuum)
- selective irritating current treatment
- short wave

- inhalation
- respiration gymnastics
- vibrax massage
- infrared treatment

First dental examination is free of charge. All sorts of maintenance surgical, as well as prosthetic and restorative treatments by Dentalcoop GmbH.

Eye examination free of charge, prescription of glasses
Oxygen Regeneration Therapy
Fasting Cure

Indications: rheumatism, chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotion and supporting system, arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, spondylosis, discopathia, forward fell of the vertebral disk, rehabilitation after fractures, orthopaedic operations, neurologic diseases, chronic prolonged gynaecological inflammations, syndromes of climax, dysmenorrhoe, pelveopathie, chronic bronchitis, bronchitis caused by smoking, emphysemic bronchitis, follow-up treatment of acute inflammations of the respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, non-allergic chronic cold in the head, circulatory problems

Contraindications: thrombosis (acute), thromboflebitis, significant inclination to thrombosis, malicious haematological diseases, bronchial asthma (with frequent attacks), acute tuberculosis, malicious tumours, high blood pressure which has not been treated or doesn't react to other treatments, circulatory disorders due to cardiac insufficiency, advanced stage coronary diseases, acute respiratory inflammations, hypertyreose, endometriose, inaccurately adjusted diabetes mellitus, requirement of nursing

Thermal Hotel**** Sarvar - Akcios Health Spa Resort Hotel Sarvaron - Sarvar Reservation